Your Crazy Ex

Trying to get rid of an ex can be stressful! It seems as if no matter who you date or the time you spend away from them, they always seem to pop back up to try to make your love life miserable.

Crazy story: I know of someone whose ex (baby daddy) was CRAZY! He wrote her friends on Facebook telling personal secrets of hers, hacked into her phone, threatened to show naked pictures and even did pop ups at her house! (Yes, he really did things like this) He tried everything to hurt her because she didn’t want to be with him. She even had to get a restraining order put on him !

So how do you get rid of a crazy ex ?! 

 1: Stop entertaining them-A lot of people like to dibble and dabble back to their ex from time to time and that could be confusing for them. Sex can cause an emotional attachment. Now there are some that have mastered not catching feelings but if you aren’t that person then don’t even try it. Lol

2:Be upfront and honest– It’s easy to send the wrong message. Be direct. If you’re not interested anymore …. tell them! Therefore there won’t be any misunderstandings.

3: Cut off contact- If you are completely through with your ex then cut off all contact. I know sometimes it can be very hard to let an ex go. Don’t text, Skype, facetime, write letters , call …. nothing! Therefore it won’t be anything misleading and no confusion.

4: Block them- Sometimes you have to go to the extreme to get away from your ex. Block them on all social media. With snap chat or Facebook live it’s easy to see what you’re doing or where you located. Anyone can pop up on you if you’re not careful.


What are some other ways to get rid of  your crazy ex ?

  • Diesel

    I feel like you make time for what you want. If you don’t make time for the unimportant things in life then I don’t see where an ex would be an issue.

    • Jeon Graham

      This is true my friend…you have keep yourself busy so you won’t even think about him .


    I completely agree I have an ex like that… But see if you equally as crazy they not pop’n up and acting an ass. There will be an ass checking as a result. You gotta know what key things you know that will make them stop the foolishness and use it against them. Kinda like when you put a kid in time out. All 4 of my ex’s know what I allow and what I don’t. They all act accordingly… No problems here loll

    • Jeon Graham

      “They all act accordingly ” Lolol ! You have me over here rolling !