Ways To Walk Out On Your Date

I have had those dates that are  annoying, weird or just rude. It’s not easy at times to just get up and walk out on a date. Sometimes, we tend to make up little fibs so that we can avoid the hassle of a bad scene! So with the help of some friends, we were able to come up with some of our creative, yet funny ways we used  to excuse ourselves  from a date. (Real situations)


” I’ve text someone real quick and told them to call me. When they called me, I answered and pretended like it was an emergency! I told him that my sister was stranded and she needed a ride.”


” I told him I was going to the bathroom and  never returned! ”


” I’m not feeling too well.”


”  I left my curling iron on and needed to hurry and go turn it off. ”


“My Aunt Flow (women’s cycle) came into town and I didn’t have anything on me to use so I needed to rush home.”


“Something came up with work.”


“I forgot to lock my front door! ”


“My homeboy needs a ride to work.”


“My best friend is in labor and I’m the God Parent. I have to be there. ”


“The babysitter just called me because my child fell down the stairs.”


As crazy as some of these sound, we have actually used these! What are some other creative, yet funny ways to leave from your date ?