When to Pull the Hair Bonnet Out

Yes people, this is a topic! Believe it or not, I’ve had trouble about this. It took me a while to put on my head scarf in front of my now boyfriend.

I think for me it was a struggle at first because I wanted him to think that I was always beautiful, even while I slept. Another reason was that I wanted  to look sexy if we ever “got it on” in the middle of the night 😉 I mean who wants to “get it on” with a grandma bonnet on?!

 It wasn’t until he told me, “baby you would look gorgeous with or without your headscarf on. I’d rather see all of this now then be surprised when we get married” lol (kinda romantic right lol )  But the funniest thing was when he pulled out his Durag and said “well I guess I can wear mines too!” Lolol  So see, guys understand because some wear things on their heads at night to keep their waves in tack!

But anyway, this made me realize that he likes me for me and even though I may have felt uncomfortable with my head scarf on around him, he honestly didn’t care about all of that and was just happy I was laying beside him at night.

So don’t be ashamed! If they like you for you then it really shouldn’t matter. Now, if they are a REAL guy (like mine ;)) they will remind you to put your head scarf on at night so you won’t mess up your hair! Lol

When do you all think is the perfect time to pull out your hair bonnet / hair scarf ?!

  • KP

    I never gave that a second thought. It’s like if you don’t want me looking crazy as hell all day tomorrow when the sun is out and we are in public, you better accept me with this head wrap on tonight! Lol. When it came to my hair and relationships/ dating I’ve always been a “you need to see it now” type of person.

    • Right they should know we are not going to look perfect all of the time ! lol they know how we look when we go out !