When To Invite Him Over

If you want a quick booty call, then by all means invite him over and do whatever you need to do.  BUT, if you just met someone and want to be taken serious while dating, then maybe you should hold off for a while before you do the whole, “Netflix and chill” date.

Get to know them first! Especially before you let them know where you stay – Usually (not all the time) when you just meet someone ,  they are always talking to someone else. The guy MIGHT not be crazy, but the other female or baby mama or whoever  he is dating MAY just be. I’ve had a situation when the ex girlfriend/baby mama  (or so he says her title was at the time) followed him all the way to my place and made a crazy scene. Not cool!

  1. Where there is a bed…well you know the rest!   If you’re not ready to take it to the next level and have sex with someone, it’s not a good idea to invite them over to your personal space. There is something about being in a room with a bed or a nice comfy couch that will change the mood. You ever wonder why they tell you not to study in your bedroom? Studying in your bedroom will make you sleepy and eventually you will want to lay down. Same thing with sex. First you’re just laying there, then you’re pillow fighting, then you’re kissing, then next thing you know your clothes are off.  -_-
  2. Inviting them over too fast could make them complacent – You don’t want them to get too comfortable too soon . This is when it gets very boring . The dates stop and all you are doing is just ordering food and having sex! Now don’t get me wrong, those can be some of the best times…FOR A RELATIONSHIP, but  a relationship is what you are not in yet. Continue to go out and get to know them.

Lets chat below! Do you think it should be a time limit before you invite them over ?