What NOT to Say or Do During Speed Dating

We just hosted our first epic speed dating event not to long ago and it’s only right that I talk about what I have learned.

A lot of people seemed a little nervous at first.  I mean it could be a little nerve wrecking considering you are about to date 30+ guys/girls within an hour. But honestly, it was fun and full of laughter (with a little bit of liquid courage of course ?)

We are definitely going to do another speed dating event very soon and I made up a list of 4 things that should help you at the next event.

What NOT to Say or Do During Speed Dating: 

1. Talk too much about SEX- Hey not knocking you if it’s your thing, but these conversations are kind of a gamble. Some people are okay with it and others may not be. Just be careful about bringing up sex in the conversation because it could go very left and be offensive if it’s not brought up right.

2. Don’t overly talk your date to DEATH- Make sure you’re not so consumed in your life that you don’t give your date a chance to say anything . That could be super annoying and can make you come off as you’re wayyyyy too into yourself.

3. Don’t drink TOO much- A little liquid courage is cool because it takes the nervousness out and allows you to loosen up. However, if you show up drunk, smh, everyone can DEFINITELY tell and that’s a huge turn off.

4. If you’re not interested, DONT BE RUDE- Luckily, we didn’t have any of these problems at the event . But this could be a good time to network and maybe pass them one of your business cards. Everyone is not going to be your type and honestly you never know who that person is or how you can possibly benefit from knowing them.

Just have fun and be yourself!  You never know when you may find your next beau/x at the event ?

Comment below some other tips on what to not Say or Do at a speed dating event!