How to Increase Your Chances of Being Asked Out

Have you ever wondered why there are a lot of good looking people out there that are single? Now some may just be crazy, but some are actually too shy to make the first move!

My struggle is debating between if I should just go for it and ask him out without sounding too desperate,  or just throw little subtle hints so that he can ask me?


For the more direct ones, just ask him out and if he turns you down then oh well, at least you tried right ?!

But for the ones that are shy and scared of rejection (like me) how would  you get him to make the first move?



  1. BE APPROACHABLE – Sometimes we have the resting b**** face and don’t even realize it. Guys won’t approach you because they think you don’t want to be bothered. Try smiling more.   The softer your appearance, the more approachable you will be.
  2. LOOK YOUR BEST AROUND THEM– I’m not saying you have to look like you’re about to Rip the Runway,  but at least be presentable.   If you look sloppy all of the time who is going to approach you? I wouldn’t -_-
  3. BE BY YOURSELF SOMETIMES – It’s a lot easier for guys to ask you out when you’re by yourself rather than you being with a group of people.
  4. FLIRT A LITTLE– It’s okay to fake a laugh at his corny jokes. But in order to at least get to that point, you have to get a little courage to go up to him and make conversation. Just count to three and breathe in and go talk to him!
  5.  FIND THINGS IN COMMON – One crazy thing I use to do was fake like I loved some of the same things the guy was interested in. I hated sports, but I lied and told one guy that I loved it.  He started inviting me to games and even invited me to come with him to watch the games at sports bars, etc.   He eventually found out I was a fake (lol) but I enjoyed just spending time with him. I found out that sports really aren’t that bad and I enjoyed talking trash and rooting for the same team my man rooted for.  I’m not saying do what I did, but it’s cool to get into some of the things that you know he/she enjoys.


Now if these don’t  work, then you just have to get the nerve to ask him out. Try suggesting him to come hang out with you because he seems “cool and fun”. Now, if he turns you down then ummmmm…. well yea …. Don’t take it too hard ! Just try again!


What are some other ways you can get a guy to ask you out ?




    I don’t want to be asked out… But if I did this would definitely work lolll