Receiving Bad Gifts From Bae

Let’s be real …. a lot of our men / women sometimes don’t have good taste when it comes to giving gifts. We want to seem appreciative because we know they tried and people take pride in their gifts they give. So what do you do to not come across as bougie or ungrateful?! Here are some tips to help us out:

1: Don’t  pause when you open the gift – This is VERY important. You have to react IMMEDIATELY once you open your gift. (I always look at the facial expressions when someone opens my gifts. I love to see their reaction) If you pause or are a little hestitant, it may seem like you dont like your gift.

2: Re-gift it – Guilty ? Whenever I accept a gift that I simply don’t want, I thank them for the gift and re-wrap it for someone else in the future. It’s going to just sit in the closest anyway ? Hey, what they don’t know won’t hurt.

3: Ask for a gift receipt- If bae gives you clothes/shoes that you don’t like, tell them it’s the wrong size and ask for a gift receipt so that you can exchange it. It’s only a little white lie so that you will not hurt their feelings.

4: Dont talk trash about your gift to others – Sometimes friends slip up and tell your buisness. The worse thing is your significant other finding out you are out there dissing the gift they gave you. That’s very hurtful. I wouldn’t blame them if he didnt give you anything else. Smh. ?

5: Suck it up -You know how kids can give you those cute little ugly gifts they made for you and want you to wear it when you go out to places? Like a macaroni necklace or the fruit loop bracelet that starts to itch your wrist.  Or when your Grandma wants you to wear that ugly Christmas sweater she knitted for you. If you don’t feel comfortable wearing them in public, just only wear it when YOUR’E AROUND THEM. Problem solved. Lol

What are some other tips we can use to help with receiving bad gifts ?