Online Dating

 If you’re serious about finding love, online dating could work for you. I’ve tried it and didn’t like it (funny stories on this coming soon). But hey! Too each it’s own!

Based on my experiences I’ve had with online dating, here are some VERY helpful tips:

  1. Pay for your services – Don’t be el-cheapo and go for the free online dating sites. I’ve found that the dating sites you have to pay for, the people are more serious about dating and looking for love. Plus, you know they have some kind of income coming in each month and can take you out on a decent date.
  2. Don’t get catfished – With all of this technology we have now, there should be no reason for you to get catfished. If you haven’t face-timed, Skyped , Glide or Tangoed them within a month,  something ain’t right. (Ain’t nobody that busy)
  3. First meet up should be in a public place– Man people can be  crazy! You may think you know them by just talking to them over the phone but chile…..Please be safe and meet them in a well lit place with other people ( text someone you trust the address where you’re going to be at just incase).  (Is it that serious ? Oh yes … It really is)
  4. Try to be honest on your profile – We know people fib a tid bit online to make themselves seem more appealing (For instance, a guy told me he was 5’10 and when we met up he was really 5’4 -_-) . This is why I have to meet them in person within the first month (Pictures don’t do justice. I know I’m not a great picture taker  but I look better in person). At least when you’re  honest and upfront you don’t have to try to keep up with all of your lies.

What are some more online dating tips?! Comment below !