How to Heal a Broken Heart

A heartbreak was one of the most painful experiences that I ever went through. We know that in this thing called life, things can happen unexpectedly and people can and will change on you. I’ve had plenty of heartbreaks with friendships,relationships,deaths etc. One of my heartbreaks was being in a very unhealthy relationship. He lied , cheated, and I even caught him in action in OUR bed with someone else!  Now that was tough! I knew it wasn’t going to be an overnight process, but I had to get over him quickly.  These are some of the things that helped me with my heartbreak:

  1. Don’t stalk or look at their fb page, Instagram ,Twitter (you get the point) – Unfriend or unfollow  them if you have to. Unfriending may seem petty but it helps you to not look at their page(Especially if it’s set to private).  It’ll be hard to get over someone if your continuing to gawk and look at their  pictures.
  2. Exercise – For me, running /walking helped me to relieve stress.
  3. Erase their number /block the number– I know we secretly want them to call us and beg us back, but talking back with them only makes things more confusing. You don’t have to block them for good, but just until you’re  in a good space.
  4. Vent– Sometimes it’s okay to cry and vent to someone you trust. Have a friend on stand by that will talk to you whenever  you feel the need to call him. (We need those friends because they will convince you not too )
  5. Keep yourself busy – You won’t have a chance to think about him.Get a hobby,go shopping, finally finish up that painting you been putting off.
  6. Don’t listen to sad love R&B songs alllllll day long –  R&B love songs can be soothing. But if you’re extra sensitive and emotional, I would probably leave that alone for now. Every sad love song will only remind you of them.
  7. Pray Pray Pray! -Ask God to help you to forgive that person and to heal your heart so that you can move on. No need to seek revenge.  Revenge is a curved blade and what you do to others you also do to yourself. Learn to forgive and I guarantee that it will free your mind.

What are some ways that help you get over a heartbreak?


Proverbs 4:23 NIV ” Above all else , guard your heart, for everything you do flows from it “