He’s Too Nice of a Guy

It Sounds crazy right?!  You would think we would want a nice guy! Especially considering the type of  “new age men” that we come across nowadays. Nice guys are very rare at this day and age.


The truth is , being too nice is not really the issue. The issue is, we tend to find a lot of excuses for the guys we ARENT REALLY ATTRACTED TO. It could be their physical appearance, them being boring or anything that is throwing them off for you that makes them unattractive…and although they could be great guys, we quickly put them in the friend zone . So the “Good morning” text every day or doing nice gestures can sometimes annoy us (horrible right? Lol) .


I’ve dated nice guys that I didn’t have an attraction too and everything would’ve been perfect if I could just bring myself to lust for them (ugh). However, some I’ve had success with and just grew into  liking them.


One thing I’ve learned, just because everyone is telling you he’s a great catch or a nice guy  doesn’t necessarily mean you have to be compatible. There’s a match for everyone and don’t let anyone convince you that you have to settle for someone that you simply just don’t want. Live for you and whatever makes you happy. When the right guy comes along you will know !


What are your thoughts?!


    Yeah. The nice guy all the time is a complete turn off. They come off needy, soft and rug like. It’s not fun when there isn’t anything to earn… It feels fake

    • Jeon Graham

      Right I hate the men that don’t have a backbone either. Don’t let me run over you