Having A Wing-woman

Fellas this is for you!

We all know a woman can get the job done! Not only get the job done, we sometimes can do it a little better 🙂  That’s why having a wing-woman is the best thing for you!  It’s always good to have someone put in a good word for you when you’re a little shy to talk to your crush.

We females just have a calmer and more convincing tone about ourselves that makes approaching someone more comfortable.

I’ve talked to a lot of females for my guy friends. Even if I knew my guy friend wasn’t ish and he just wanted to get laid. -_-  But hey, it worked everytime 😉

Reasons why having a wing-woman is the best:

1. Females know exactly what other females want to hear

2. You won’t have to worry about your female friend trying to hit on the girl your’e trying to talk to

3. Females are more excited than males to be your wing-woman. Plus, it’s easier for a female to approach another female

4. Females have this 6th sense. Sometimes we can tell by just looking at a girl if they are a good pick for you. We will weed out the unworthy ones 😉

All good reasons to get you a wing-woman!  What are some other advantages of having a wing-woman?