We all know that a Friend With Benefits is basically a friend that you have sex with every once in a while. If you play your cards right, this could be a great thing!

Here are some things  to consider when you want a friend with benefits:

1. Set Expectations: Both of you should be on the same page. You should go over the Do’s and Dont’s of your situationship. One thing to consider is to NOT catch feelings (but we all know someone alwayyyyys  catches feelings) Yeah, sometimes we may get bored and just want someone to hang out with or talk to and our FWB could be convienant. Buttttttt…the more time you spend with someone, the more feelings you will catch. Then it’ll start to become confusing and feel like a weird relationship.

2.Keep it to YOURSELF-  Nobody should know what’s going on in your FWB relationship except the two of you! This kind of relationship last a lot longer if you are quiet about it.  What’s worse is drama with your FWB that’s supposed to be stress free and fun or when your homegirl tells you when they saw your FWB. Like ” ooooohhh girl, I saw your man with Brittany last night at the movies”. Then you start wondering who Brittany is and if they’re having sex too or if she is the reason why he didn’t answer your call earlier.   -_-

3. Use protection (Condoms):  You just never know what the other person is doing. Especially, if you all aren’t in a committed relationship then they are free to have sex with anyone they would like and technically don’t have to tell you anything.

These are the top 3 things I think should be considered with having  a FWB.

What are some more FWB rules ?! Let’s talk below !