Friend Zoned

Let me start off by saying…being friend zoned when you like someone is theeeee worst.  I’ve been friend zoned before and  it had me thinking,”well what the hell is wrong with me.  Am I ugly or something?!” It really messed up my ego.

I had one situation that was weird and frustrating to me because he was super nice to me and he also flirted a lot!  I was unsure and needed a thousand different signs.  I couldn’t decide if he was just shy or if that’s how he really was.  After a while, I just gave up and took it for what it was.

 Here are a list of things that can help you determine if you are being friend zoned:

  1. If he tells you he wants to hook you up with one of his friends.
  2. If he tells you he has a girlfriend (when you already know he doesn’t because his cousin told you he was single  -_-)
  3. If every text he sends you is very short (for example, “okay, no prob, take care, etc.”)
  4. If he tells you he is interested in talking to one of your friends (I hate it when this happens)
  5. If he tells you that he looks at you like his little sister.
  6. If he tells you that he wants you to bring a date to his birthday party.

Yes,these may sound a little personal because unfortunately all of these have happened to me  -_-  Some even from the same Looking back, all I can do is laugh about it. But hey, everybody isn’t going to like me and I kept it  pushing!

What are some things that have happened to you to let you know you have been friend zoned ??