Emotional Affairs

*Even though this post is geared towards women , it also applies to men as well *

It’s funny when I ask some men what their definition of cheating is and most of them think that the only form of cheating is when you have sex with someone other than your significant other.?

There are different types of cheating other than just sex!  Yes, if you find out your partner has been sleeping around that can be devastating, but another form of cheating that can be more devastating is an emotional affair.

“An emotional affair is crushing because it betrays the vulnerability that we gave our partner” -Jamie Turndoff

This is very true because it is more than just a platonic relationship with someone other then your partner.  It’s a certain attraction to someone that is able to stimulate and have a special connection to your mind without even having sex . It’s a connection to your heart.  These relationships can seem harmless at first. However , as they progress they can become very damaging to your relationship.

With that being said,  I know I don’t want anyone else trying to finesse and stimulate my man’s mind but me. -_-

Here are 5 signs that your man may be having an emotional affair:

1. He starts talking about this person a lot. Everything ya’ll do reminds him of her in some kind of way.

2. He’s starting to put more of an effort in his clothes and appearance when he knows he is going to see her that day.

3. He starts deleting  text messages and phone calls between them. (But you saw his call log and realize something isn’t matching up with the numbers on his phone bill 😉 )

4. He seems a little off or distant towards you.  If you’re around your partner a lot, then you know when something isn’t right or when they are not giving you the normal attention they usually give you. Conversations are light and they’re just not themselves .

5. Sex feels different – Sex is just SO much better when you have an emotional connection with someone . I’m not saying you have to make love every single night, but you know when your man isn’t into it. If he’s paying attention to everything else in the room while your having sex (especially if you pulling out all your special tricks and moves lol) then you may have a problem.

What other signs do you think someone may show if they are having an emotional affair?? Let’s chat below!