Dating Your Friend’s Ex

Personally, I  have never dated one of my friends Ex. Under any circumstance I don’t think it’s okay. It’s part of the friend code. If the code is broken, it will be hard to gain their trust again. (And that would be the last time I would ever bring my man around them)

But some friend relationships are different. I don’t judge, but I do think you have to at least be upfront and honest with them. Having them find out on their own and doing things behind their back is never a good idea!

But anyway….Depending on your relationship with your friend, here  are some situations that you can relate to and may even get some helpful tips!


First Situation :  Your… friend…just…ain’t sh**! She cheated or treated him badly and did HIM wrong. He’s a great guy and you feel bad for him. You also think  that you would treat him better and he would be a perfect fit for you .

  • YOU: Talk to your friend. It’s obvious  that       she probably didn’t care  enough about him. Play it safe and ask your friend if it’s okay if you could talk to him. If she says yes , then go for it. (Even though she said yes , she still will be a little salty… and I wouldn’t bring him up around her)

Second Situation :  He…just…ain’t sh** !  He played her and whispered  sweet nothings in her ear. Probably lied and cheated and ended up breaking her  heart.

  • YOU: Just because you asked her doesn’t mean this is okay. This is too much and you don’t want the drama! If she is a friend to you   and cried on your shoulder about him, you will hurt her more by talking to him. Besides, you saw first hand that he’s no good. If he played your friend, I’m positive he will play you too. (And you can pretty much kiss this friendship goodbye)

Third Situation :They both came to an agreement and understanding  that they weren’t right for each other. Respectfully they broke up and still remained friends.

  • YOU: This is a tricky one because your friend may still like him. But if they are just friends then maybe you could talk to her to see how she feels about him first. Then jokingly ask if you and him can talk. If she says yes and she doesn’t care, then you’re in there! But if she gets mad and almost curses you out for even asking . I would just leave it alone. Lol (Either way, if you talk to him she will act like she’s happy for you but low key  will also be a little salty). -_-


What are your thoughts ?! Would you talk to one of your friend’s ex ? Comment below !


  • M2pro

    I’d have to agree except I think it boils down to the friendship definition. If yall are close friends like really close, there’s no scenario where you should consider talking to someone they had feelings for. If yall are just cool friends (a little beyond cordial), I think that’s where the tricky confusion comes in.


    Once he is an ex, HEEEEE EXTRA. HE NEEDS TO EXIT AND HE UP FOR GRABS. shit if he makes you happy invite me to the wedding; I already know what he working with