Dating Vs Hanging Out

Don’t you hate when you’re out with someone and you’re not sure if it’s a date or just hanging out ?

You like him but you’re not sure if he likes you ?

At times, we  can over think and  get confused with them liking us vs them  just being really  friendly.

No need to fear! … I have come up with a list that may  help with determining whether it’s a date or just hanging out.



-He insist on paying

-He comes to pick you up

-He simply just asks you out

– He took time to make sure he looks and smells nice

-He shows chivalry throughout the date (open doors, gives you his jacket if you’re cold ,carry things)

-He flirts with you

-He sends you a post date text telling you how much he enjoyed your presence



-You split the check

-If he invites other people

-If he is giving you dating pointers and suggesting you can look online to meet people

-If he’s flirting with the waitress and other girls in front of you

-If he’s constantly on his phone and not paying you any attention

-If he doesn’t walk you to your car but says “see ya later , it was fun !” (Lol)


Comment below and tell me how you can tell if it’s a date or just hanging out !

  • Jeon Graham

    Ayyy!! Lol

  • Son

    Ion care if it’s a date or not he better pick up the bill! Lol

    • Jeon Graham

      Ayyyyy! Lol


    Sounds cold blooded but very true. I think this is good for those out here who like to date. That phone shit is the worst!!! Lawddd

    • Jeon Graham

      Lol the post date text ?