Conversation Starters On The First Date

First dates or any date can be nerve wrecking! You don’t know what to expect . Surely you don’t want to seem dull and boring.

So instead of cramming your brain on what to say on the car ride to your date, you will already be ready. Thank me later 🙂


Here are some conversation starters that will surely keep your date entertained: 


Fun Questions: 
1.What job that doesn’t already exist but should?
2. If you were invisible for a day, what would you do?
3. If you’re running late, what is an excuse you would use?


Finish This Sentence : (These can definitely get real! Lol)
1. Wow! Look at the size of her ________
2. Last night I told my pet monkey ________
3. Unlike my other siblings I have never________
4. On rainy days I______


This or That:
1. Rap or R&B ?
2. Beer or Wine ?
3. Attractive or Smart ?
4. Spontaneous or planner ?


Serious Questions (You can tell a lot from these questions ) :

1.  What are two of your best qualities?
2.  What has been your favorite vacation thus far?
3.  What is your favorite family tradition?
4.  Do you see yourself getting married one day?
5.  What is something that you regret?


Don’t be shy, be different! You are still getting to know them but in a fun way !


What are some other conversation starters ?! Comment below !!