To Be Or Not To Be A Side chick

Sometimes we fall victim of  not  knowing that we are the side chick. But…….we have those times that we know and may just  like the thrill and the excitement of it all! Car sex, sneaking around , being spontaneous, putting yourself at risk at being caught, not having to answer to anyone, and you get what you need and then send them on their way! 🙂 


Sad thing is,  It’s not always as easy as we would like for it to be.


You REALLY have to play your cards right because if not, things can get … well let’s just say a little complicated.

4 Main Rules:

  1.  DON’T catch feelings. It’s supposed to be all fun and games but yet we are all human. The longer the time you spend with someone, the more you start to actually care for them.  Catching feelings in this kind of  relationship is a dangerous thing. Things will get really crazy if you are not careful.
  2.  DON’T make him your main priority or your main focus. Even if he tells you that he doesn’t want you talking to someone else (which he probably will because men are selfish).  Date other people!! When you are solely committed to him, you catch feelings faster. It’s not a good look when you catch yourself stalking him and his girl’s Instagram page and become jealous with envy because he’s not doing for you what he does for her.
  3. DON’T expect him to leave her for you ! Now there are situations (like in Love and Hip Hop reality shows, but you see how that ended)  to where  he MIGHT actually leave her and come to you…errrrr but why would  you want a cheater?! lol 😉 If  he cheated on  her with you, he will of course cheat on you with someone else!  He’s suppose to be just for fun…remember ?! 
  4. BENEFIT from it. Don’t get caught putting your life on the line dating someone else’s man and have nothing to show for it. That is the worse! He’s benefiting from it by getting what he wants out of you,  so why can’t you?



Bad girls only, what are some rules that you have to keep if you are playing the side chick?