• Everyone loves to eat! So when bae comes over we definitely don’t want them to think that we eat out everyday (me) and that we dont know how to cook. I’m not a chef, but I know how to whip up a little something […]

  • Let’s be real …. a lot of our men / women sometimes don’t have good taste when it comes to giving gifts. We want to seem appreciative because we know they tried and people take pride in their gifts they give. So […]

  • Trying to get rid of an ex can be stressful! It seems as if no matter who you date or the time you spend away from them, they always seem to pop back up to try to make your love life miserable.

    Crazy story: I […]

  • Sometimes we fall victim of  not  knowing that we are the side chick. But…….we have those times that we know and may just  like the thrill and the excitement of it all! Car sex, sneaking around , being spo […]

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