Stalking Your Crush

Sometimes we can do a little bit too much when crushing on someone . We can  turn into Inspector  Gadget  and gather everything about them in less than 30 minutes! The thing is , unknowingly we automatically do these things and don’t realize it’s a little creepish…but how else would we find out ?! 🙂

Things we do but don’t realize that we are stalking:

  1. Google them – Listen, it’s 2016 and people are crazy.  We have to make sure you are who you say you are and if you’ve had any kind of crazy criminal record. (Weed charges aren’t that bad because we know that was probably in your highschool or college days) But things like  domestic violence, robbery, or an ex con…errr… We don’t want to be sleeping next to a potential killer or someone that will steal our things while we are sleep.
  2. Stalk their social media – I’ve done this plenty of times. I want to see what they are interested in, if they have kids , if we have any friends in common, what they do for work, where they stay or even if they have another female in one of the pictures.
  3. If we did see another female in the picture- The next step is to figure out who this female is and what is the relation to him. (All from social media)
  4. Show up at an event that we know they are going to be at- If we see them posting a flyer of a party or an event they are going to be , we may show up just to “accidently” bump into them.
  5. Posting their picture in your groupme text messages to your friends and asking if they think he’s cute or if they know him (guilty).


The crazy part is,they have no clue that we are doing these things! If they knew, I wonder how they would react ?!

What other ways do you accidentally stalk your crush?