5 Embarrassing and Awkward Moments in the Bedroom

We all have those awkward moments in the bedroom that we experience with our partner during sex. Laughable now, but at the time it’s not so funny. ( well for me it is ) But what do you do when these awkward moments happen?!  Here are 5 Of some awkward and embarrassing moments that we can all relate to.

       1. Farting-  It happens! Sometimes you can’t control it and it ….. just happens!!  Just make sure you don’t eat any foods that will make you feel bloated before you get into any sexual activities.


2. So… That’s It?-  Usually when the male “releases”, sex is considered “over and done “. If  you know you’re that guy, maybe you should take your time and do a little more four play to please your partner so that both of you can finish strong!


3. Saying the Wrong Name – Yikes! We can  have a lot on our minds…or someone else! Surprisingly, this happens a lot! If you have a lot on your mind and you are known to slip up at times, you might want to play some music to help draw out the sound. Just don’t mess up and say the wrong name when the song goes off and it gets quiet. lol (Awkward)


4.  Ummmm That’s Not the Hole! –  When the lights are off, it can be easy to mix things up. It doesn’t feel good when guys accidently jam it in the wrong spot.  I’m not just talking about the butt hole  (although you may like that). But sometimes guys think they have “it” in but it’s not! Hey,  I wouldn’t say this if it hadn’t  happened before.


5.  Our hair! – Ladies a lot of us aren’t natural and may wear hair extensions. You really have to make sure those extensions are glued , sewed or patted in tight and right! In the middle of ROUGH sex he  may want to pull, tug or  whatever…and the wrong pull can take it right on out!!!   I don’t know what I would do if my extensions were to get pulled out during sex. Depending on how good it is, I may just tuck them under the pillow and keep on going!


Let’s chat below and name some of your most embarrassing things that has happened in the bedroom!



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